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Time-Space of origin

The Time-Space of origin – A term used by the master restorer of historical weapons and objects Jiří Matoušek. The meaning of the term lies in the fact that an approach to a historical object has to be exclusively in relation to the space-time of its origin. And not only for purpose of restoration work, but also for appreciating its qualities. Therefore, the restorer must master the period techniques, at least on the same level as the person who produced the object in his time. It is strictly forbidden to use any modern short-cut in the form of electrical machines and modern chemical solutions and procedures that didn’t exist in time of origin of an object. In his (But also in mine.)craft field, it is for example, absolutely inappropriate use of Brunigal-type blackening agents on 18th-century firearms. as well as for tsuba patination. Galvanic blackening and similar modern technologies can permanently damage, destroy, and in the best case to changet character of a historical artifact.