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How to order

My services have been very limited since I had to found a regular job due covid, and later war in Ukraine and their economy impact. For more information just send me an Email.

Dear friends and Japanese sword enthusiasts, I greatly apprecite your interest. Unfortunately due my busyness I am not able to respond individually to each inquiry. For such purpose was created a small questionnaire which will help us to make further communication easier.

In practicall regard I am able to react to any request, and to create sword fittings in wide range of complexity. Since I accept orders cotinually is necessary to expect not less than a year of waiting time. In case of serious interest I will inform you about actual waiting time.

Before start discussion about details, I would like to learn more about your ideas and technical aspects of your inquiry.

1.The first I ever need to know is what is your wish, your idea how fittings should look like and what particular fittings should it be.

2. When I have an idea given in outline I will need to know how much money would you like to spend. That is because different motifs, or style can be executed by various ways which differ by difficulty and price. And also in order to know if I am ever able fulfil your expectations within considered budget.

3. Is desired to occupy and properly systematically decide the complete design of the whole koshirae, with regard to construction with respect that should the koshirae represent.

Based on these preconditions I can sensitively manage desired design of fittings that relates to a given idea and conception of period construction.
From these resons is better if I can at least from distance directly communicate with a maker of wooden cores of the whole koshirae and to know his sense of craftsmanship.

In case you don‘t have direct contact to a suitable professional expert craftsman I can arrange to complete the whole koshirae in Japanese workshops I cooperate and which keep the highest workmanship quality.

4.Character of a sword makes a blade, sword fittings, saya, tsuka and lacquer work. Work of specialist craftsmen together has to follow in order to make a harmonic whole at the end. For that reason is for me important the direct cooperation with a maker of wooden cores who will continue with his part of work. Although I understand that sometimes it is not possible.

As an option I can arrange making of saya, tsuka and lacquer work in Japan in maximum actual present-day quality.

Thank you for your time spent over my questions. I will reply as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Roman Urban


Process is composed of several components. Time for making design. It can take days or weeks, work time and material.

I accept orders via Email or Facebook personal messages. I am open to discussion about your requirement. I require a deposit in advance. 30% when accept your commission,  another 30% on the start and the last 40% after finish.

Or 50% when accept a commission and another 50% after finish.

Due character of this work, deposits are not refundable!  If a customer changes his mind, work will be done up to amount of already sent money.

An usual waiting time is about a year from placing an order.

Due character of this work is almost impossible to give an exact date. All dates are very approximate.

During time there can be caused another delays by unexpected events. But I am always doing my best to go through my work schedule as fast as possible.

By sending the first deposit you agree with terms and conditions. The deposit serves as a sign of agreement.

For International orders I accept PayPal or wire transfer to my bank account.