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Conservation of a zingiber tsuba.

Cleaning of Soten tsuba

Cleaning from free rust, stabilizing rust and conserving.

A minor cleaning and conservation.

Shishiai-bori tsuba cleaning and conservation.

Clean from free rust crystals, silver sulfides, fat, wax and dirt remains from inner corners of the carving. Stabilizing patin

A goose tsuba cleaning and conservation.


Cleaning and conservation of a Kinai Echizen tsuba

This is very fine work and what’s more an exellent iron with many kotetsu clusters. BEFORE

Cleaning and conserving an iron tsuba.


Shibuichi tsuba repatination.

And scratches removal.

Brass Goto tsuba restoration

The before photos are from a the tsuba owner. Restoration after an acid treatment.

Shibuichi wave kashira

A shibuichi wave kashira a customer ordered for his existing fuchi.

A 17th/18th century iron yasurime tensho fuchi for a Hiroki Hirokuni blade.

A shakudo peony fuchi kashira set.

Lenses in Japanese Metalworking: Tradition or cheating?

During my praxis I have come across many times the opinion that optical devices such as a microscope does not belong to a trad

Optické přístroje v japonském kovodělectví: tradice nebo podvádění?

Během mé praxe jsem se mnohokrát setkal s názorem, že optické zařízení jako mikroskop k tradičnímu řemeslu nepatř

A new body and a cap for Montblanc Meisterstück fountain pen.

Time by time occurs an order for something different from sword fittings. Sometimes totally different like in this case, to bu