Nunome zogan classes

The actual class is fully booked but if more people will be interested I could do another class a week prior or after this one.


Four Day Course.
When : March 26-29 2019
Where: At my workshop in Větřní Czech Republic.

Class is limited to five(5) students ( minimum of four registered to run ).
Class is open to all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.
600$ or 530Euro

This class will introduce you to basic and advanced techniques of nunome zogan and their technology.

Within four days you will learn:

Complete technology.
To make a set of basic tools and surface preparation of the practice plate.
To apply zogan on flat and curved surface.
Basic and advanced techniques, pattern inlay, wire inlay, “cloudy“ inlay.
The pictures bellow arent my works but illustrate what you will learn.

I will provide pure gold and silver for practice.

You will take tools and your test pieces back home with you.

Class will be in English for foreigner students.
You will need to bring a head magnifier with you, ideal with  interchangeable loupes  because we will be doing both rougher work and tiny details.

Feel free to email me with questions roman_urban(at)

  • Pictures with stars are from internet to illustrate techniques you will learn.