Fine gold and silver wire supply.

I make extra fine thicknesses of pure 999.9/1000 gold wire 0.2, 0.15 and 0.1 mm or 0.0078, 0.0059 and 0.0039 inch for jewellers, goldsmiths etc.
Such thicknesses aren‘t available on the market in such small amount and such thicknesses. I have seen so far only 0.2mm  reels with kilometers long wire.

The minimum amount per order is 5grams of any thickness which is:


Following prices are without price for gold. 5g of 24ct Au are about 240USD +- according to an actual market price. Or you can send me your gold to rework it to a wire.

I usually buy gold for wires here

0.1mm – 20USD/m
0.15mm- 22USD/m
0.2mm – 24USD/m