There exist millions of Japanese antique sword fittings, but sometimes you can’t find exactly what you want or need. Then you can ask contemporary craftsman to make it. I wanted to make this set very authentic which means I had to have also good material.
For this set a Czech art restorer Otakar Ruček provided me iron from late Baroque around 1750-1760.
This material will live by time like old tsuba iron.

The edges are decorated by fine gold nunome zogan.

To work with forge welded iron is different from modern steel. You never know when meet badly welded layers which fall apart under a tagane.
Nunome zogan is very fine techique so needs well prepared and consistent surface. Out of spite two times layers fell apart exactly on the edges. It was hard times but managed to get through.

I like a lot soft natural iron colour with gold. It is very beautiful combination.